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Helping Your Create an Environment Employees Love to Work From

We are corporate experts with over a decade of experience in leadership and decision-making roles, as well as certified dog trainers and pet nutrition coaches.​

Our mission is to help businesses maximize their office culture with the unique benefits of a pet-integrated office, and minimize their risk.​

We understand the needs of companies, employees, and dogs. and we never compromise for anyone. 

We believe accommodating dogs in the workplace should benefit the business and its employees as much as the dogs themselves.

Pet Friendly Office
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Social Responsibility

We are always here to help you give back. We're working with different rescues that can benefit from products you no longer use, and we always carefully choose USA-based manufacturers to support small businesses and give back to our community.


We never throw away usable toys and products.

Every toy that your office no longer uses will be picked up at no additional cost, be professionally cleaned, and donated to a local dog rescue of your choice.


We practice

"Go Small or Go Home"!

It's our priority to work with USA-based small businesses to create the best product assortment, so you're always giving back to your community.

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