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Post-Integration Support

Your Part-Time Assitant

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Dog-friendly offices require additional operations to ensure everything runs smoothly.

We create a customized process that considers all the variables that your office or building will need to manage the integration, and then we do it for you.

From sourcing local pet wellness services to temperament checks done by certified dog trainers, we provide you with the tools you'll need to enjoy your new coworkers, minus the worries.

Our Post-Integration Support is tailored to your needs and budget. No task is too small or too big!

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Office Operations 

Managed For You

Smooth Operations. Constant Support

Our Back End Management Includes

Pet Services

We connect you with the best pet services in your area for any additional service you need

dog walking

Smooth on-boarding process for any new employees that are looking to bring their dog to the office

on boarding

We help you manage day reservations to ensure your office doesn't go over the dog limit that you set

dog reservations office

Whether your space become smaller or bigger, or the number of employees changes, we're here to guide you through these changes

pet friendly office

Before approving new dogs to the office, we help you approve\deny applications, and performed behavior assesments

office dog applications
Pet Supplies

Get monthly pet supplies delivered to you, so your employees can keep their dogs busy

office pet supplies

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Did You Know?

Having dogs in the office has shown an increase in teamwork,
and healthier communication between employees