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Hand-Picked Pet Supplies

Suited For a Work Environment

(aka: less squeakers, more long-lasting chews)

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Finding high-quality pet supplies and ensuring you never run out can be a full-time job. 

With our assortment, you never need to check for quality, best price, or minimum order required.

All of our packages are up to 25% off the retail price, approved by certified dog trainers, and curated for your specific needs.

From pet-safe cleaning supplies to treats, bones, and quiet toys, we hand-pick products that are suitable for office use and keep all dogs quiet, busy, and satisfied,

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Work-Focused Employees,
Quiet Office Dogs

Approved by Dog Trainers,

Tailored to Any Budget and Any Need

Crates and beds for dogs to relax in while your employees focus on their work

Rest Zones
Puzzles for Dogs

Dog puzzles are a great way to keep dogs busy when your employees are too


From training treats to long-lasting bones, our treat supplies ensure all dogs are busy and quiet


From bowls to treat jars and toy baskets, your office will remain organized and productive


Silent squeakers and scented toys to maintain a quiet and productive work environment


We supply pet-safe office cleaning supplies, waste bags, snow melter, and more

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Did You Know?

Social Interactions Between People and Dogs Was Shown To Increase the Levels of Oxytocin, The Love Hormone